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Artem Lyakhovich (1982) is Ukrainian pianist, teacher, musicologist, lecturer, composer, writer, photographer. Was born and studied in Kiev. Graduated from Tchaikovsky Musical Academy (class of Igor Ryabov). Associate Professor of the Kiev Academy of Music. Gliera, candidate of art history. Performs in Ukraine and abroad with lectures and concerts. Performed and recorded all etudes by Chopin, all Rachmaninov's preludes, all of Prokofiev's sonatas, etc. Laureate of international pianist competitions, as well as state awards "For the Arrangement of Ukraine" (2008), "For a Special Contribution to the Development of Culture" (2018). Author of scientific articles and a monography about Rachmaninov (2013). Three-time laureate (2016, 2018, 2019) and six-time finalist of the Kniguru literary prize. Finalist and winner of the readers' vote of the “New Children's Book” award (2020). Author of books for children and adolescents (the story “Bald Devils", "Hole", etc.). Writes in Ukrainian and Russian. Held nine personal photo exhibitions in Kiev and cities of Ukraine. Shoots theatrical photo projects on fairy-tale themes with the participation of children ("The Snow Queen", "Space Saga", etc.). Author of the resonant photo project "Forest Song". 

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